The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor wedding photos

The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor is located in the heart of Hazlet NJ. With beautiful grounds and stunning ballroom Cris and Roger tied the knot early this summer at the beautiful The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor. With only a few steps away from the ballroom, we encountered a lake with lots of greenery which allowed us to make beautiful rustic and natural portraits. I was actually very excited to have found this little spot for us.

So, when it came down to choosing the photos for this blog, I really wanted to put so much more but I always have to tell myself, this is just a sneak peak of their wedding gallery. If you guys only knew how hard it is to choose the images for the blog! I really just want to put all of the up.

So, here we are! Finally blogging about this beautiful wedding! but before scrolling thru the images, I must share a little something with you guys. Not only do I consider myself lucky to have clients like this but I am so blessed and thankful to be calling them my friends.

Thank you to Rosana for second shooting and grabbing some great moments as well. 

You know the myth of catching the bouquet at a wedding? If you catch it, you are tying the knot next…well, cris actually caught the bouquet at her brothers wedding and a year later here we are! Celebrating her wedding! I guess the myth is right.

Here is cris catching the bouquet one year ago.









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