The Brownstone Havana Photography

The Brownstone

The Brownstone is located in Paterson New Jersey. It is considered a landmark and historic in Paterson New Jersey. I had the pleasure and honor to photograph the lovely Ashley and Mike this Fall at the beautiful The Brownstone.

Ashley and Mike held their wedding ceremony at the Great Falls in Paterson, New Jersey. If you haven’t visited this natural setting you must do so ASAP! The Falls served as their natural backdrop while they said their Idos on a magical Fall/Summer Day (If you are from Jersey, you know what I mean)

Before I show you their gorgeous wedding, let me tell you little bit about them. They are the most loving, caring, youthful, humble, awesome beautiful souls I have met. I know some of you may say…”oh you say that about everyone” nope! I am just lucky or blessed to meet couples like Ashley and Mike. They are an inspiration and reminder of what LOVE is really about. They care about family and friends and love each other dearly. So, I sent most of the day with them and one moment I really admired was the Ashleys attention to detail. She made everyone in the family feel loved and appreciated. This was by far one of my favorite part of their day… They are the definition of LOVE all around and I am so happy I met them. I truly believe in connections and fate. It was in my destiny to meet Effotlysss Events outdoors with friends and family even though the actual ceremony took place in a

First look dreams!

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