New Jersey Wedding Photographer

New Jersey Wedding Photographer Living her DREAM

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Polo but everyone calls me Liz ~ Welcome~
1. No-one makes me laugh harder than my husband
2.I fell in love with my best friend
3.I am a proud mommy of 3 beautiful kiddoes: Mike, Charlize, and Sara
4. Nikon girl all the way
5. It is hard for me to model 🙂
6.I don’t have a pet but if I had one, I would get an American Bulldog
7. I am the eldest of six children
8. I snack on raisinets
9. Summer and Fall are my favorite seasons
10.Perfection is overrated, don’t you think?
11. Adventures and spontaneous moments are so much better
12. I am in love with the 60s
13. I am always looking for the next rustic or vintage place
14. I cherish making memories with my friends and family. I love them with all of my heart and soul
15. I don’t consider myself traditional instead free  when it comes to my art.
16.My ultimate dream is to photograph a wedding in  machu picchu Peru and La Habana Vieja, Cuba
17. I am all about  the “in-between” moments and capturing your love stories.
18. I am living my dream as a New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Photos by iloveminimichi