Long Island Piers Engagement Photos

Long Island Piers is a quiet, diverse, and beautiful park by the marina in Long Island with stunning views of Manhattan. You can see downtown right across the river and you can even take the ferry right at the marina. With lots of little shops around and great restaurants, this location has lots of “first dates” potential. Hence why Ashley and Tim chose this location for their engagement session. Tim proposed on the Long Island Piers, right in front of the famous Pepsi sign and you know we had to recreate this moment. We walked a little, danced a little, and even sweated a little 🙂 and we had a blast.  I am so happy they chose me to capture these special moments.

You know, I was just thinking….by this time next year they will already be husband and wife. They are such a sweet couple who are clearly madly in love with each other.

Oh, and we really couldn’t leave without visiting their first date location and grab some photos there. They went to a restaurant called blend by the water which is right across the street where Tim proposed. I hear the food there is absolutely delicious and being I am a foodie, I must visit soon.

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