Fort Tyron Park

Fort Tyron Park is located in Manhattan New York. It is the home to the Met Cloisters and beautiful architecture. The beautiful scenery it definitely a site to see and a place to visit. It has so many photo opportunities that will amaze anyone who chooses this location.

When I mentioned Fort Tyron Park to the couple, they automatically said yes and of course I was so happy they did. Not only did they give me the opportunity to visit this lovely place again but gave me the chance to photograph their engagement session… I mean…what is not to love? If you ever visit Fort Tryon Park or the Cloisters remember to look for the arches in the middle of the park. They are giant structures, overlooking the river in the middle of the park making any walk very romantic.

We chose the golden hour for their engagement session, which you know its my favorite time of day. The sun kisses every corner just right and the lighting overall is just lovely. I love how we got to walk around and explore a little bit together. Congratulations guys and thank you for letting me follow you for a few in this beautiful location.