Engaged? Now what?

Engaged?… Congrats!… Now What? I’ll tell you what…The planning for an amazing, romantic, intimate, gorgeous, glamorous, huge, and creative wedding will begin. Among all the planning, you will come across planning for  for the BEST Engagement Session ever, with ofcourse a photographer that matches you and your fiance’s style plus personality. A lot of back and forth will take place, for example: Do we want traditional photography? or Do we want editorial? Would we like someone different and artistic or Would we would like someone more serious and formal?

Some people might say, Why an Engagement Session? Just hire a photographer for the day, and forget about “pre” and the “post” sessions, etc.  well this is all gibberish to me because you know I strongly believe in Engagement Sessions and creating a bond before the big day is a must. Making the couple feel comfortable in front of a lens, which can be overwhelming for some couples, is crucial.

I will now quote The Snapknot Blog on 8 things you should know for your Best Session

1) Have one. Period – This could be as important as your wedding day    2) Treat your Engagement Session as your dress-rehearsal – Most likely your Engagement Session will be done by the same person doing your wedding therefore feel comfortable   3) Get your make-up and hair done professionally – Why not? you want these images to be just as beautiful and gorgeous as your wedding images and plus this will give an idea of what your hair and make-up will look like the day of your wedding  4) What to wear? – This is big with most couples, Choose something creative, meaningful and important to both  5) Location – Choose a location that means something to you, perhaps a where you met, or places you love to visit together.  6) Timing and Lighting – Golden Hour is  preferably the way to go, this is usually 2 hours before sunset or two hours after sunrise , the sun between 11:00 – 3:00PM can cause shadows and over exposed images.  7) Phot ideas and poses – I would let the photographer take care of this. I usually guide the couple and rest comes on its own…even the “Almost Kiss” pose 🙂 and 8) Ditch the nerves and have fun! –  Be yourselves and pretend you are in a romantic movie with a handsome prince that’s about to love you eternally and unconditional

So…Engaged? Now what? …… Engagement Session in the works… I hope this article from The SnapKnot Blog  and my input changed your mind regarding the Engagement Session AKA E-Sessions 🙂