Water Witch Club at Monmouth Hills NJ Wedding

The Water Witch Club is located in Monmouth Hills New Jersey. It is one of New Jerseys hidden historical treasures. The historic Water Witch Clubhouse makes a unique and unforgettable backdrop for weddings. Located atop one of the highest points on the eastern seaboard, this venue combines turn-of-the-century charm with sweeping views of Sandy Hook, the Atlantic Ocean, and the city skyline, all in a quiet and secluded location. Major roads make Monmouth Hills accessible from North, South, and West, while high-speed ferries transport guests from New York City to terminals at the foot of the hill, just minutes away. The clubhouse is perfect for the intimate relaxed couple who would like to kick back at a beautifully manicured yard while enjoying a breath taken view of the New York City Skyline. We had such a great time documenting your special day, Congratulations!



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