Sunflower Field Photos

oh-uh…. The time came for me to be in front of the camera for some new head shots …. You guys do not understand how much I dislike being a model. lol. Even though I dislike it, I tend to have lots of fun at the end. My photographer was the one and only my hubby. He is so amazing at what he does. He will make me laugh and be playful and he will make me feel super comfortable in front of the camera. We visited the Sunflower Fields in Sussex County and although far for us it was worth it. We took our time, walked around and experience this new place together. We took pictures and even played with some corn on the way. Let me also tell you that I was super scared of the ginormous butterflied around us, well not really ginormous, but pretty large lol. The day was super fun and had fun being a model for once. Thank you babes for being my personal photographer.

One of my many favorites

I love the pictures with the corn.. I actually thought about a wedding bouquet for a farm wedding 🙂

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