Rustic Inspired Bridal Shower

Looking for rustic, organic, and breath taken venue all at once? Then Pig and Prince is your venue. Pig and Prince is located in the heart Montclair NJ offering delicious food and amazing drinks. This rustic inspired bridal shower had the perfect backdrop. Historical brick walls, rustic decor, and an interesting back story are one of many cool characteristics of Pig and Prince . What a great option for any event! Pig and Prince has a very unique  menu leaving  you craving for more. I love how this bridal shower was celebrated.  First, it was an only women party and even BINGO was played. The bride was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed herself with her bridesmaids, friends, and family. The color pallet went perfectly with the decor and as you can tell, everything looked exquisite. Congratulations to the happy couple and best of luck!


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