Kean University Wedding

Professional photographers can be very competitive (rightfully so) I know I am…however when it comes to photographing for a colleague taking the back seat could be challenging. This is why when I second I meet the requirements of the lead and shoot like if the pictures were for me. It is very important for second photographer to understand that your work will always follow you regardless if you second or not. So with that being said, your best should be delivered at all times.  For me gives me, when I second,  I get a a chance of learning from colleagues,  experimenting with new techniques, shooting  more artistically while obv. shooting the important images from the lead. It allows me to meet new people in the industry and become friends like I have with Melanie Reyes from Melanie Reyes Photography.  Here are some  of my  images from our  wedding this past summer. Thank you to Melanie for giving me the opportunity to second for her. xoxox Liz

2013-09-13_0016 2013-09-13_0017 2013-09-13_0018 2013-09-13_0019 2013-09-13_0020 2013-09-13_0021 2013-09-13_0022 2013-09-13_0023 2013-09-13_0024 2013-09-13_0025 2013-09-13_0026 2013-09-13_0027 2013-09-13_0028 2013-09-13_0029 2013-09-13_0030 2013-09-13_0031 2013-09-13_0032 2013-09-13_0033 2013-09-13_0034 2013-09-13_0035 2013-09-13_0036


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