Hoboken NJ Engagement Session

 Hi guys, it’s been so busy around here that I’ve been slacking on the blogging (not complaining though) I love what I do and now  it’s writing time!  Let me start by catching up with this fun and cute Hoboken NJ engagement session shoot! Julia and Alex were just the cutest couple ever. We met in Hoboken where they’ve had many dates. We started by the terminal which has lots of character and flair. I love the architecture of it and it made a perfect natural backdrop for us. Hoboken offers a great NYC skyline adding spark to any city theme shoot.  The couple felt comfortable at this location since they are from the neighborhood and take many walks there. I always tell my couples to pick a meaningful location where they usually go or where they first met in order for them to feel comfortable and right at home and ofcourse add meaning to their shoot.  Julia’s mom and dad joined us as well and  I loved it!  I am not opposed to family members coming along specially mom and dad. They can be lots of help and make the couple feel  comfortable as well. Mom made sure Julia’s hair was always perfect  and dad was so much fun too.  Actually, dad has his own blog where he writes about weddings from his point of view. I think this is a great blog for all parents specially for dads.  You must check out his blog at http://dadneedshelp.wordpress.com/  I cant wait to continue to read and see what else he has for us.  Thank you guys for  a wonderful time and cant wait for your wedding! xoxo Liz



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