Engagement Sessions How to prepare plus What to Expect

Engagement Sessions How to prepare plus What to Expect

Engagement Sessions are fun, creative, laid back, and a great way to get to know each other. It offers the opportunity to show you what we can do. Here are 5  of tips for your engagement session:

 1. DARING COUPLES CHOOSE DARING LOCATIONS: If you  are the daring couple..then why not a daring engagement session?  Being adventurous is something we encourage all of our couples to be. Remember…it should be a fun experience! here some daring locations:

Ice Cream Bar


 Brooklyn Bridge


Movie Theater


2. MEANINGFUL LOCATIONS:  The photos are about the people in the photos. As mentioned above, we encourage our clients to think outside the box. There are some obvious landmark choices, but before you choose a spot, consider other options that may be more meaningful to you as a couple. For instance, a park that you love to take walks at, the library,or your college, etc. Think it out. What vibe do you want for your photos? Is there a date place you enjoy? Where did you meet? The more activity going on, the more the session will truly feel like a “lifestyle shoot” instead of a “weird standing around trying to ignore the camera as we kiss” shoot. This is the meaningful time in your life and the photos should reflect that.

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3. SEASON: The season of the shoot can also really influence the “feel” of the images, particularly if you are shooting outdoors. Do you want to take pictures rolling around in the snow? (hint hint), Hanging out by the water? Do you want yellow leaves? Be sure to consider this when you schedule your session which should be 6 months prior to the wedding. I say should because I know sometimes things happen and we loose track of time. If your wedding is in the summer, consider fall or winter engagement session.


4. WHAT TO WEAR: This has been a question for every Mr. and Mrs. to be. Our suggestion is the following. Keep it simple, keep it true to yourself and personality, and keep it comfortable.  We encourage a change of wardrobe mid thru the session  I think it spices up the day and refreshes the couple with new roles.

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5. LAST TIP and THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: Just be you and have fun!I think couples can get really shy in front of a camera, I get it, but being yourselves is the best tip I can give you.

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