Engagement Session at Rutgers New Brunswick

Going back to the meeting “spot” is one of the best way to document and celebrate your engagement. Not only are you comfortable with the location but it brings back great memories and that’s what I look for when it comes to documenting emotions and feelings. First let me tell you about this lovely couple. I met John and Milton at a previous event thru a mutual friend/family member. A year later… I was contacted by them and after our first meeting, I knew I wanted to do their wedding. They have been together for over 10 years and making it official :-).  John and Milton  are perfect for one another and after brainstorming for the perfect Engagement spot, they  decided to take it back to where it all began! Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Their engagement session was so much fun there! They spoke about places they use to hang out and classes they took etc. John and Milton were a little nervous at first but after a  couple of minutes into it their playfulness and love came right through. We loved every minute of it! Plus having my hubby second shoot for me was great too.  We collaborated and came up with amazing images for them to have forever and ever. John and Milton Wed July 28th and I CANNOT wait to blog about their gorgeous wedding. For now enjoy their e-session photos….Congratulations John and Milton, wishing you forever happiness and love…xoxox Liz

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