Angel + Lorena – Palisades Interstate Park, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Love is a wonderful thing….Just check out this couple! Totally in love, enjoying engagement life and just being  them …Engagement sessions should  always be this fun! We met Angel and Lorena at Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey and it was just laughter the entire time. Angel and Lorena love going to Palisades Interstate Park together while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and obviously each other :-). This was the perfect location! They both felt comfortable and we stopped at their favorite spots. This session felt like hanging with old friends, I loved every minute of it.

Thanks again  guys for allowing Havana to be part of your special day. Love you both and we cant wait for your wedding in May!!! WHOOHOOO

Make Up: Make Up Artistry by Nicole Marie

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…and this is how Havana does it…. Thanks guys, this was so much fun!!!


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